Roel Heesterbeek

Eindhoven, The Netherlands


Creating more joy for people who interact with our digital world

Customer focused with a wide experience and knowledge in online development. Eager to learn and experiment new territories in game design in order to improve. Creating more joy for people who interact with our digital world is his main focus.

Professional experience


(2017 - current)
NextUp, Eindhoven, The Netherlands

Founded by myself and my girlfriend, Lara Wessels. Here we initiate new digital idea's and set it out in the world. NextUp is passionate about digital and game design coming from an innovative angle. Our first initative was Oculus Rift Eindhoven where we provide High-end Virtual Reality Glasses to consumer and businesses for low costs. Another initative is NextUp Games, in which we are currently working towards a Game Studio in Eindhoven and provide work for like-minded game designers and developers.

Front-end developer

(2016 - 2017)
Estate Internet bv. Tilburg, The Netherlands

At Estate Internet they believe in happiness. Positive, determent colleagues create satisfied customers and vise versa. Happy people are more creative, work better together and achieve greater results. "Estaters" are curious towards new possibilities and like to apply these with success. They are the digital catalysts for businesses whose goals they help to achieve and deliver.

Front-end development

Front-end development


Front-end development

Usability Specialist

(2013 - 2016)
IGO-POST bv., Helmond, The Netherlands

IGO-POST is an international company trading in corporate gifts. My work is mostly related to brainstorming for new ways to create added value for their online customers. Designing wireframes for the use of discussion and eventually making them more vivid and interactive as a conceptual reference for web designers.

VWO, Analytics, Axure

New proposal Categorypage optimisations

VWO, Analytics, Axure

New proposal Mobile optimisations

Team Lead

Creating CRO team


ICT Multimedia & Design

(2005 - 2009)
Fontys University of Applied Science, The Netherlands


Bachelor of Information & Communication Technology


Grand Theft Auto IV Viral Campaign

Serious Game: TankWars

Build with Microsoft XNA Game Studio

Webshop: Ultimedia

100% self build eCommerce platform


Even before was born I used video tutorials to gain more knowledge aswell as experience. This is my method of really keeping up-to-date with the latest technological possibilities. I also combine it with my own personal development.


Game Development for Modern Platforms
Completed: March 2017


Business of Games and Entrepreneurship
Completed: December 2016


Principles of Game Design
Completed: December 2016


Introduction to Game Development


When I was still a little (good) boy, I really hated to read. Eventually I began to read on the web and ever since I've grown old and grey I started to take some more time and actually sit down to read books.

Rules of Play

Salen and Zimmerman

Theory of Fun

Raph Koster


Besides my direct work, taking courses and reading books I love to create or share things. For example I love to create new innovated prototypes of future applications, make my own games with Unity, fool around with mobile firmwares (XDA) and develop new websites. Also, I once was a speaker at the Nerd-cafe where I explained the Blockchain.

  • Game: Playful
  • Website: Oculus Rift Eindhoven
  • Game prototype: Gwent
  • Seminar: Blockchain
  • Application:
  • Game prototype: IGO-Toep
  • Website: I Move for Health

Progress and rankings

This is my current progression in the Rocket League race to the top!

Grand Theft Auto IV Viral Campaign

I've created this “Grand Theft Auto IV” Youtube campaign which knocked Rockstar off #1 search results on Youtube, right when they'd announced their release... and I've got sued for it.